The Philippines is an archipelago of a growing industry. She aims to be sufficient. She aims to be wealthy in every possible way in all the aspects of economy matters. With these, the country will need more resources. Much of it will be coexistent with energy.Euro Hydro Power will be one of the major providers of the energy demands, specifically in Mindanao. As a registered Renewable Energy Developer, we aim to be an enforcer of adequacy in terms of energy resources through reliable, economy sensitive and sustainable power generation. We stick to our vision which is to be the leading provider of Hydro Power Technology all over Asia, making clean and renewable energy available even to the most marginal communities.

Euro Hydro Power Asia Holdings Inc. will be one of the greatest milestones in Philippine History. The company promotes more than what a business entity should do. We advocate PROGRESS THRU CLEAN ENERGY. Development and advancement will still be of no use if our Mother Nature is already destroyed and ravaged by adverse mechanisms employed for economic augmentation.

The company right now has one (1) Hydropower Plant operating and five (5) projects with a total capacity of 30MW already filed with the DBP (Development Bank of the Philippines) and the LBP (Land Bank of the Philippines) totaling about 5 billion pesos and soon the other projects. The total projects are composed of 40 sites with a total capacity for about 200 megawatts.

Join me and my competitive workforce in shaping a better, new and blackout free future. Come and Let’s Achieve PROGRESS THRU CLEAN ENERGY!